How to prepare for a virtual interview

How to prepare for a virtual interview
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1. Familiarize Yourself with the virtual platform (Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc...)
With any app that uses video conferences. It is very important that before the interview, you download the app and learn how it works.

It is recommended to test your devices like your camera, mic, and others as well as your internet and connectivity. If your connection is not working great, try moving to a different spot to get the strongest connection. In the times we are in, prepare for the interview as well as the technology!

2. Be on Time
In addition to making sure you are familiar with the video conferencing app that you use, it is a very good idea to be early to ensure you are ready to go in the event of any issues with the technology. 

You may end up speaking with more than one individual, and you will want to make sure your name is correct so in the app so that when you speak, everything is clear as to who is speaking as well.

3. Be ready for face to face, or blank screen
This is one of the first impressions the prospective employer will have with you, make sure to be ready for face to face discussions through the virtual platform. 

If you do face to face, make sure you are in a room that is quiet and that is orderly and well lit. Having a dark or messy room may not be the best first impression.

If you end up joining a call where no one is sharing video of themselves, then you can also make that happen to be in line with how the conversation is going.

4. Get Rid of Distractions
One of the most difficult things is trying to be on a video conference when there are unexpected noises or distractions. If you are at home with your family or a roommate, make sure they are aware of your interview so that you can have the privacy and quiet place you need.

5. Prepare as if it is an in person interview
You will need to prepare questions for the interview. Employers want to engage with candidates who have well thought questions, and who show they understand the role they are applying for. In addition, make sure you are dressed properly and that you have good body language with the interviewer even over a virtual platform.

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