Neurosurgery Practice Manager, South Weymouth
Brigham & Women's Hospital(BWH)

Boston, Massachusetts


Reporting to the Director of Operations, the Practice Manager is responsible for the oversight of administrative support staff and management of day-to-day operations, including departmental and ambulatory projects and metrics, as well as co-management of OR operations.

Drawing upon a broad understanding of hospital practices and policies and displaying a high degree of initiative and independent judgment, the manager will continually and proactively assess and direct a wide range of programmatic issues directly related to daily operations.

In addition to the Director of Operations and Executive Director, the Practice Manager will work closely with the department's senior leadership, divisions chiefs, and physicians towards service excellence for the patients, as well as an enriching work environment for staff.

Brigham and Women's Hospital is dedicated to:

  • Serving the needs of our local and global community
  • Providing the highest quality health care to patients and their families
  • Expanding the boundaries of medicine through research
  • Educating the next generation of health care professional

Every employee plays an important role in providing a positive impact on the organization and the people we serve. Your work will be distinguished by demonstrating respect and dignity in all interactions with patients, families and colleagues, excellence in customer service and job performance.

All employees are expected to embrace this commitment and demonstrate behavioral competencies in the following areas:
  • People: Focus on serving the community through collaboration and respect
  • Self Management: Accountability, professionalism and commitment to growth and development
  • Organization: A commitment to quality, service and exceptional performance

Meeting these expectations is key to the success of your department and the organization.

This job description includes:
  • General expectations for the position
  • Addendum A - BWH Behavioral Competencies
  • Addendum B - Job Specific Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Addendum C - Physical/Working Conditions


  • Independently oversees all day-to-day practice operations, escalating issues as appropriate.
  • Responsible for overall coordination of support staff as it relates to physician support, registration, appointment scheduling, customer service, sensitivity to patients and/or family members, work schedules and coverage.
  • Plans, assigns and evaluates work of front end and procedural support staff.
  • Responsible for hiring, corrective action and overall human resource management of ambulatory practice staff.
  • Facilitates a strong working relationship between support staff and physicians.
  • Ensures staff proficiency in all hospital-based and approved systems.
  • Determines implements and evaluates any and all needs of the practice.
  • Works closely with the hospital billing staff to ensure time capture and submission of charges. Ensures completeness and accuracy of coding and submission.
  • Responsible for all appointment scheduling functions.
  • Facilitates efficient patient flow through the practice and is accountable for any patient related issues or concerns.
  • Works with Director of Operations and Billing Manager to maintain a state of regulatory compliance and readiness in all practices.
  • Assists providers - faculty and APPs - with schedules and template changes.
  • Demonstrates and mentors staff members to be patient-centered within their interactions, customer service, general communication and emphasizing good organizational skill management.
  • Maintains positive relationships with all providers and meets with them on a regular basis concerning assignments, equipment, projects, policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for all unit orientations, training and visitor management.
  • Proactively seeks opportunities for operational improvements and works with practice leadership to design and implement changes. Independently implements process improvement strategies while engaging staff members to enhance and improve efficiencies.
  • Holds regularly scheduled work-team meetings and maintains minutes.
  • Holds regular staff meetings and huddles as appropriate and necessary, in partnership with Director of Operations.
  • Acts as a resource regarding the enforcement and practices of departmental policies and procedures.
  • Responds to and advises on a variety of inquiries and applies knowledge of established operations.
  • Responds to and resolves immediate problems within the department. Reports on-going problems to the Director of Operations.
  • Represents the department at various meetings and hospital forums.
  • Continuously monitors the practice physical environment and identifies problems and seeks resolution. Maintains cleanliness and physical integrity.
  • Participates in and co-leads hospital initiatives with the Director of Operations and leadership team, communicates changes affecting the team, gathers feedback and reports any challenges both potential and actual.
  • Other duties, as assigned.
  • See Addendum B.


    • Addendum A - BWH Behavioral Competencies
    • Addendum B - Job Specific Tasks and Responsibilities
    • Addendum C - Physical/Working Conditions

  • People: Focus on serving the community through collaboration and respect

  • Inclusiveness

    Definition: Maintain an environment where individuals value and respect differences in all situations. Stand firm against intolerance and bias to create a welcoming environment and respect all individuals regardless of race, gender identity, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, religion, socio-economic status, or national origin.
  • Work effectively with others who have diverse perspectives, talents, roles, backgrounds and/or styles
  • Contribute to a positive team environment where differences are respected, supported and are free from stereotyping and offensive comments
  • Be professional when approached about behaviors that might be perceived as disrespectful

  • Open Communication

    Definition: The ability to effectively articulate and receive information in a clear, concise and timely manner.
  • Practice active listening skills
  • Foster and maintain an environment that respects open dialogue, differences of opinion, as well as diverse communication styles
  • Ensure that information is shared in a clear, accurate, and timely manner using the appropriate communication method for your audience
  • Express oneself clearly and professionally in your verbal, non-verbal, written, and electronic communication

  • Building Collaborative Relationships

    Definition: Identifying opportunities and taking action to build relationships between one's area and other areas, teams, departments, units, or organizations to help achieve organizational goals.
  • Take initiative to support others and build productive relationships that will lead to a cohesive workplace
  • Interact effectively with other team members, departments and customers to accomplish organizational goals

  • Organizational Awareness

    Definition: Understand how one's own work affects the organization as a whole and demonstrate a commitment to the organizational goals.
  • Support and respect BWH's mission, vision, values and history
  • Understand and recognize how your individual role and department impacts the organization

  • 2. Self-Management: Accountability, professionalism and commitment to growth and development

    Embracing Change

    Definition: Demonstrate adaptability and openness to organizational changes needed to improve effectiveness and goals.
  • Support and positively participate in organizational and/or job specific changes
  • Initiate appropriate action when change is needed
  • Be flexible and open to new ideas
  • Adapt to shifting priorities

  • Learning Oriented

    Definition: Predisposed to pursue learning opportunities even outside own comfort zone, one stays abreast of new tools and methods, rising to add value and build challenge in current assignments.
  • Demonstrate openness to learning from successes and failures
  • Recognize and participate in learning opportunities
  • Seek and share best practices

  • Professionalism

    Definition: Practice respect for self and others; and adhere to BWH standards, policies, and procedures at all times.
  • Adhere to BWH's Code of Conduct, Guide to Ethical Standards, policies, and procedures
  • Align behavior with the organizational mission and values
  • Practice respect in accordance to the BWH standards
  • Demonstrate responsibility, reliability, and trustworthiness

  • 3. Organization: A commitment to quality, service and exceptional performance

    Quality and Safety Focus

    Definition: Responsible for meeting standards of performance or outcomes in a safe manner while avoiding risks.
  • Align job performance with quality and safety standards (e.g. The Joint Commission, BWH and department specific standards)
  • Adhere to established policies and procedures
  • Take action to prevent errors
  • Identify and report adverse events, errors and incidents

  • Efficiency and Performance Improvement

    Definition: Systematic approach to improve performance by eliminating waste, non-value added activities and variability in processes.
  • Participate in process and performance improvement by identifying, analyzing, and enhancing existing processes to achieve better outcomes
  • Maximize available resources to achieve performance measures; reduce waste, rework, and work-arounds consistent with one's role

  • Problem Solving

    Definition: Able to gather appropriate data and diagnose the cause of the problem before taking action; and if necessary develop alternative courses of action.
  • Recognize actual and potential problems and take appropriate action towards a solution
  • Offer assistance, as needed, when a potential problem situation is observed
  • Use good judgment to keep manager informed of problems or issues, following department practice

  • Service Excellence

    Definition: Focusing one's efforts towards anticipating, meeting and exceeding the expressed and unexpressed needs or expectations of internal and external customers.
  • Apply service standards consistently to present a positive image of BWH to colleagues, health providers, patients, families, and visitors:
  • Engage with positive greetings and active listening
  • Empathize by expressing understanding
  • Educate throughout the information exchange
  • Enlist thoughts and ideas from others

  • 4. General/Administrative Support: (required of all Administrative Support employees)

    Information Gathering

    Definition: Identify and seek information needed to clarify a situation. Ask questions to discover the facts.
  • Identify specific information needed to clarify a situation or to make a decision
  • Probe skillfully to get at the facts


  • Effectively leads divisional and/or departmental meetings with direct reports and administrative staff.
  • Attends all required departmental and hospital meetings.
  • Manages Operations Assistants and Coordinators, and assists with programmatic and project development.
  • Shares project progress with departmental leadership and team accordingly
  • Management and administrative duties handled with attention to detail and urgency, such as meeting and calendar management, multidisciplinary meeting preparation, and agenda distribution.
  • Manages all performance reviews with accuracy, preparedness, and appropriate follow-up.
  • Implements performance improvement plans to staff, as necessary.
  • Works with Marketing (Web Communication Specialist) as appropriate to develop and refine patient and outreach materials.
  • Assists with local and national divisional meetings, conferences, and symposiums as necessary.
  • May be responsible for presentation development and display within and outside of the Department of Neurosurgery, including those rendered at external conferences and external partners.
  • Responsible for timely and appropriate distribution of messages and information. May require handling of sensitive patient and physician materials.
  • Maintain effective and harmonious working relationships with staff, co-workers, faculty, guest speakers, venues, and vendors to promote a culture of wellness and a culture of excellence.
  • Manages additional projects, as requested, or required.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.

    • Administrative office suite and clinical ambulatory area
    • Designated desk/ workstation
    • Shared office space


    • Bachelor's Degree Required
    • Minimum of 2-3 years in a clinical setting, preferably in ambulatory operations
    • Experience managing diverse teams, strongly preferred
    • Knowledge of business environments, sales and/or customer service experience


    Technical skills required:
    • Knowledge of practice operations and standards.
    • Understanding of procedures including filing, copying, scanning, printing, and faxing.
    • Highly proficient in all communication skills (phone, verbal and written). Ability to handle sensitive information and situations with poise and professionalism.

    Organizational Skills:
    • Strong organizational, coordination and judgment skills. Ability to prioritize effectively.
    • Analytical ability and strong problem-solving skills (critical thinking)
    • Ability to manage multiple tasks effectively, following established protocols, and work within systems
    • Excellent interpersonal skills
    • Ability to effectively and productively manage and lead staff.

    System Skills:
    • Advanced computer skills. Ability to use all applicable applications at highest competency level.
    • Ability to problem solves and troubleshoots. Ability to analyze a situation and determine best course of action within established guidelines.
    • Advanced understanding and use of medical terminology.
    • Advanced comprehension of billing and fiscal information.
    • Knowledgeable and compliant with all hospital, State and Federal requirements (where applicable to job performance), including policy and procedures with The Joint Commission and HIPAA.

    Competencies required:
    • See Addendum A


    • Management of 10 - 35 FTEs


    • Responsible for economical use of resources and time.
    • Co-management of Divisional cost centers


    Indicate requirements and frequency by placing an "X" in the appropriate box.

    Work Environment:

    Amount of Time Spent


    1 - 25%

    25 - 50%

    50 - 75%

    Over 75%

    Outdoor weather conditions


    Extreme cold (non weather)


    Work in high place(s)


    Work in confined space(s)


    Risk of electrical shock


    Risk of radiation exposure


    Exposure to blood borne pathogens


    Flammable/explosive gases


    Toxic / caustic chemicals


    Dust or other irritants


    Grease or oils


    Hazardous specimens


    Exposure to lab animals


    Infectious / contagious disease


    Cleaning agents/chemicals


    Hot equipment


    Noisy equipment


    Humid or wet conditions (non -weather)




    Lifting/Carry Requirements of this job
    No Lifting required


    No Carrying required

    Number of pounds
    Amount of Time

    1 - 25%

    25 - 50%

    50 - 75%

    Over 75%


    Up to 10 pounds

    Up to 25 pounds

    Up to 50 pounds

    Up to 100 pounds

    Over 100 pounds

    Push/Pull Requirements of this job:
    No Pushing required


    No Pulling required

    Number of pounds
    Amount of Time

    1 - 25%

    25 - 50%

    50 - 75%

    Over 75%


    Up to 10 pounds

    Up to 25 pounds

    Up to 50 pounds

    Up to 100 pounds

    Over 100 pounds

    Physical Activity requirements of this job:
    Amount of Time Spent


    1 - 25%

    25 - 50%

    50 - 75%

    Over 75%






    Use of hands requiring fine motor skills and sense of touch

    Move / rotate / bend wrist(s)

    Type / use keyboard or other data entry device

    Reach with hands & arms

    Climb stairs

    Climb ladder or other equipment

    Drive / operate motor vehicle


    Stoop, kneel, crouch, bend, crawl






    Vision Requirements of this job:
    Vision Requirement


    Not Required

    Close vision

    Distance vision

    Color vision

    Peripheral vision

    Depth perception

    Ability to adjust focus


    Safety equipment used while performing this job:

    Safety eye glasses


    Filter lens (welding/soldering)


    Face shields


    Ear plugs or Mufflers

    Hard hat

    Surgical mask / dust mask


    Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)



    Level of noise typical in this work environment:

    Very quiet





    EEO Statement
    Brigham and Women's Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, disability unrelated to job requirements, genetic information, military service, or other protected status.


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